10 Secret Beaches in Tenerife To Discover

These top 10 secret beaches in Tenerife are a treat to discover if you’re looking for more off the beaten track experiences. Hidden and less visited, some even with difficult access, these places are so special that they are more than worth the effort. If you need to escape the crowds from the main tourist spots of the island, try these secret beaches in Tenerife.

Antequera Beach


The only access way to this grey sand beach is hiking. Antequera Beach is located in Igueste de San Andres, in the northern part of Tenerife, and it’s 400 long and only 25 meters wide. During high tide the sand part disappears completely. Don’t be surprised to see nudism done on the beach, it’s one of the popular places for this activity.

Almáciga Beach


This is one of the three beaches of the small village Taganana that has managed to conserved its traditional look and impressive surroundings. Partly rocky, this black sand beach is 35 meters wide and 300 meters long. It’s a good spot for surf, less for swimming, because of its large waves.

Benijo Beach


The most isolated of the three beaches of Taganana, the black sand Benijo Beach oversees the cliffs Roques de Anaga. A small path descends from the main road to this 300 meters long beach. Like Almaciga, this beach is better for surf than swimming considering the size and strength of the waves.

Bollullo Beach


One of the most beautiful secret beaches in Tenerife, Bollulo Beach is located in La Orotava, in the northern part of the island. This is the place to go if you enjoy water sports and big waves. The access to this black sand beach is either done on foot from Puerto de la Cruz, around 45 minutes, or by car until the restaurant ‘El Bollulo’, following on foot the path to the beach.

Diego Hernandez Beach


Diego Hernandez or Blanca Beach is located in the municipality of Adeje, very close to the beautiful La Caleta. This golden sand beach is small enough to disappear during high tide, 80 meters long and 25 meters wide, and reaching it can prove rather an active walk along the coastline. It’s nonetheless one of the most scenic of the secret beaches in Tenerife.

Garañona Beach


Located between Tacoronte and Sauzal, in the north of the island, the access to this black sand beach is done through Mesa del Mar, a village with many natural pools. The route is a bit more complicated, but more than worth it.

Ancón Beach


Another black sand beach in the area of La Orotava, Ancon Beach, like most of the secret beaches in Tenerife, is a bit more difficult to reach. It’s in fact so hidden that most people don’t even know it’s there. Since there are no lifeguards on this beach and the ocean is rather agitated in the north, it’s best to think twice before going for a swim.

Montaña Pelada Beach


Montaña Pelada is a natural monument from Granadilla de Abona, Tenerife South. It offers great views of a volcanic cone formed during an underwater explosion, a rare attraction even here. This small beach is reached from El Medano.

Fajana Beach


This small beach is part of the protected natural area Rambla de Catro in Los Realejos, in the north of the island. It’s more of an adventure to reach this isolated beach following a hiking trail along the coastline. As most people will not do the effort, you’ll most likely have the beach all to yourself.

Masca Beach


This black sand beach with turquoise deep water is reached either on foot, doing the splendid Barranco de Masca hike, or by boat from Los Gigantes. The hike takes 3 hours descending all the way from Masca to the beach while be boat it will take around 20 minutes.

Written by Marija Jović, for RuralTenerife

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