• Hiking in Tenerife

    Hiking in Tenerife allows you to discover the most secluded places of the island, the wildlife that complement the beauty of nature.

  • Paragliding in Tenerife

    Paragliding in Tenerife is one of the most exciting sports you can practice on the island. It truly is a unique experience.

  • Water Sports in Tenerife

    Water sports in Tenerife are some of the most popular activities on the island, from surf to diving, paddle surf, wind surf or kite surf.

  • Spa in Tenerife

    Wonderful Spa and Wellness space designed for relaxation and an ideal place to provide you a break while enjoying the therapeutic benefits of thermal water.

  • Mountain Bike in Tenerife

    Discover places and landscapes reserved for a selected few with the best mountain bike in Tenerife. Options for both beginners and advanced.

  • Helicopter Ride in Tenerife

    Is this going to be the best tour of your life? Definitely! With a helicopter ride in Tenerife you will see the most breathtaking landscapes of the island.

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