Happy Day of Canary Islands!

Day of Canary Islands: 30th of May

30th of May marks the Day of Canary Islands; a day that makes all the people of this archipelago proud. In just a few days the islands will be filled with the traditional colors and sounds, celebrating the Day of Constitution of the first autonomic parliament.  

On May 30th, 1983 the first session of the Parliament of the Canary Islands took place in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, chaired by Pedro Guerra Cabrera. 

This year’s Day of Canary Islands is marked by a feeling of unity of all the Canary people, on the island and anywhere in the world. 

In response to that feeling, this year’s program is created to promote the connection between all the islands and to strengthen social cohesion of the Canarias, no matter where it’s people reside.  

This is a day that highlights the uniqueness of the islands and shows significant values, Canary identity and a their special charm.  

Day of Canary Islands

Day of Canary Islands: A party day for the 7 Canary Islands

This party of seven islands will involve many cultural manifestations, folklore, sport and social events.

If you happen to be in Tenerife, you can go to a Concierto de la Banda Insular de Música.  Where you could spend your morning listening to the lovely sounds of the Canarias.

Or if you find yourself on El Hierro; make sure you stop by the Parque Las Cancelitas, where you can see “Una leyenda encantada”; a spectacle for the whole family, a wonderful mix of theatre and music.

VIII Paseo Romero will take place on the island of Gran Canaria, and after you finish your walk. Make sure you stay and listen to the Banda de Música y Balle de Papagüevos.

No matter which island you find yourself on, make sure you experience this event with all your senses; eat the good food, dance, laugh and celebrate this Day of Canary Islands.

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