Meteor Shower in Tenerife

One of the most special things about Tenerife is its night sky. Aside from the stunning sunrises and sunsets, that can be seen on this island, Tenerife offers you an incredible view of the Moon and stars, that seem so close that you can catch them. To see the Meteor Shower in Tenerife is an experience you will surely treasure.  

What is a Meteor Shower? 

A meteor is a space rock that enters the Earth’s atmosphere. When the meteor is falling toward the Earth, the air’s resistance makes the rock extremely hot. What we can see with the naked eye is what we call a “shooting star”. This tail of light is not a part of the rock, it’s actually the hot air that shines intensely.  

When the Earth’s atmosphere encounters many meteors at the same time, the phenomenon that happens is the Meteor Shower.  

All Meteor Showers have names according to the constellations in which the meteors appear. So we have: Leonid in Leo, Geminids in Gemini etc. 

Dates of Meteor Shower in Tenerife in 2018


lluvia de estrellas en tenerife

  • 1/5 of January -Quadrantids 
  • 16 of July – Perseids 
  • 17 of November – Leonids 
  • 13 de diciembre – Geminids 

One of the most stunning Meteor Showers is the famous Shower of Perseids, on 16 of July. The meteorologists predict a clear night, but have in mind that the Moon will hide behind the mountain around midnight, which will leave the sky relatively dark.  

lluvia de estrellas en tenerife

The main Meteor Shower is the Shower of Geminids, on 13 od December. That day the Moon will be enormous and very close to a Full Moon phase, and the meteors will be shiny and fly by slower than usual.  

Without a doubt, the best place to enjoy the Meteor Shower in Tenerife is the volcano of Teide. Don’t forget to share the news with your friends. Rural Tenerife offers you the best accommodation, all over the island, for you to choose from and enjoy the Meteor Shower in 2018.  


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