7 Best Natural Pools in Tenerife

Natural Pools in Tenerife are a space in which, due to its naturally closed formation, the waters is filtered without any human involvement.

Swimming in the cobalt-blue, crystal waters of the Atlantic Ocean is always a pleasure, but swimming in the natural pools in Tenerife is something truly special.  

There is plenty of Natural Pools in Tenerife in different parts of the island, but we have selected 7, for our list of the best Natural Pools in Tenerife, with brief descriptions and the accommodation, recommended by us.  

The 7 best Natural Pools in Tenerife

1. Charco del Viento (Santa Catalina, La Guancha –Northeast) 

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Charco del Viento, with its peaceful waters, consists of 4 pools, suitable for all ages, is located in one of the most popular areas in La Guancha, with a very easy access. It has a wide parking lot, a “chuiringuito” (beach bar), a sunbathing area and beautiful, small beach areas. To road leading to it is not very good, but it’s worth the effort, because it’s an area of great beauty, perfect for the whole family. If you want to visit this natural pool, we recommend staying at one of our houses, Casa Marina (San Juan de la Rambla). 


2. El Caletón (Garachico – North) 

It is located right next to the Castillo de San Miguel (XVI), with the imposing presence of a famous rock, the symbol of the Garachico volcano eruption in 1706. This area formed from pure lava, offers a perfect combination of an open sea and the huge rocks that form these natural pools. A few meters from the pools, you can find all the services you need for spending a perfect day in nature. El Caleton was declared as Tenerife’s tourist attraction. In this area you can find some of our houses: Casa Genovés (Genovés), Casa Los Castanos (Icod de los Vinos). 


3. Piscinas de Bajamar (Santa Cruz de la Laguna –Northeast) 

Bajamar has 2 big pools, a small pool for children and a beach of golden sand. The area is protected from the sea, it has many available services, an aquatic park, which is natural and safe, and numerous restaurants located in close proximity. Close to the Pools of Bajamar you will find our beautiful Finca Roja (La Laguna). 


4. Charco de la Araña (Puertito de Los Silos –Northwest) 


This Natural pool appears when the sea leve lis low and disappears with the high tide. The environment is pleasant, with wonderful landscapes of the Acantilados de La Culata. This area is perfect for long walks, because it is located in a natural frame Rorcual Boreal. This sculpture represents a tribute to cetaceans and to the relationship between the man and the sea. A few minutes from there by car, you can find our house Los Castanos (Icod de Los Vinos). 


5. Charco de la Laja (San Juan de la Rambla –Northwest) 


It is located in the heart of a historic part in one of the most attractive villages in Tenerife, with the best climate in the area. To get to this volcanic paradise, created by the volcano eruptions, one must follow a hiking route that ends on the coast. Charco de La Laja has a sunbathing area and 3 bars and restaurants, located very close. It is protected and pretty safe, but precaution is recommended, especially when the sea level is high. Just a few minutes away on foot, you can find our house Rambla (San Juan de la Rambla).

6. El Pris Piscina Natural (El Pris, Tacoronte, North) 


This natural pool (60mx20m) has a brown sand beach. The water is constantly cleaning itself, because of the waves that keep entering the pool; even though the pool is separated from the ocean with a wall. The pool is located in a small village, El Pris. Close to the pool you can find varios bars and restaurants, with many fish specials on their menus. Here you could stay in our house Balcón del mar (Los Realejos).

7. Piscinas Naturales de Mesa del Mar (Tacoronte –North) 

This amazing complex is located on the coast of Tacoronte and consists of 2 pools, one of them filled with water only during summer months and the other one available throughout the whole year. It has a parking lot, with an easy access, an area for children and a wooden area for sunbathing. Close by, you can stay at one of our house Los Nateros (La Matanza)


Have you ever visited any of these Natural Pools in Tenerife? Tell us in the comments! 

Written by Marija Jović, For RuralTenerife 

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