The Mistery of Pyramids of Guimar and the Guanche at Tenerife

One of the mysteries that many famous explorers never managed to resolve are the Pyramids of Guimar. Who built them? What is their purpose? What do we know about them? 

Pyramids of Guimar

The complex of lava-stone pyramids, built in the form of stairs is located in Guimar, Southeast of Tenerife, with more than 64.000m2. The official information is that the pyramids where built 5000-7000 years ago, around the same time as the pyramids of Egypt, Mexico and Peru. 

On the other hands, some scientists claim that the pyramids were built by the local farmers, in the 19th century. However, the pyramids are located in a place where, obviously there was no agriculture. Their form and location tells us that the pyramids were actually used for rituals, astronomy, or both. 

A Norwegian adventurer, Thor Heyerdahl, says that the rocks used for the construction were processed, the Earth below was levelled, and the stones were pieces of frozen pieces of volcanic lava. 



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They also have the perfect astronomical alignment. From the upper part of the highest pyramid, during the Summer Solstice, a very interesting phenomenon can be seen – double sunset. In the beginning, the light would fall behind the mountains and then rise again. Aside from this, all of the pyramids have a staircase, from which during the Winter Solstice, you can see the sunrise in a most stunning way. 

There are many other pyramids in Tenerife. For example, in the village of Santa Bárbara, close to Icod de los Vinos; there’s a few pyramids, with a very big one, located in the middle of a farmer’s land. 

Another notable construction is located in a plantation, on the road known as the Camino de la Suerte, close to San Marcos.  

It is also known that there were other pyramids that got destroyed over time. 


¿Are Pyramids of Guimar Related With Native Guanche? 

A cave, located below one of the pyramids, was inhabited by the Guanche natives; who are considered the biggest mystery of the island, because no one knows where they came from. The Spanish people say, that the Guanches were 2 meters tall giants. 

Their language was the thing that the Europeans found most intriguing. They could communicate without making noise, only by using the movements of their lips. In that way they were capable of sending signals even from a distance of 15km. This whistle language is used even today, on the island La Gomera and the children in schools learn it as a traditional language.  

Legends also say that the Guanches were originally Atlantes, that survived when the Atlántida sunk. By climbing to the mountain tops, which are known today as the Canary Islands. 

The Guanches had knowledge of geometric symbol which was demonstrated in the designs of “pintaderas”, a type of ceramic, artistic seal. This could’ve been some sort of proof that they were the ones who built the pyramids. 

Citizens of Tenerife say that, if you find yourself with a very tall person, with a dark skin and blue eyes. There’s no doubt – there is a true Guanche native standing in front of you. 

There are many questions without answers, but one thing is for sure. The pyramids of Tenerife have a far deeper secret, that is yet to be discovered.

Pyramids of Guimar 


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