The Night of San Juan in Tenerife: The Most Magical Night of the Island

We’re getting closer to one of the most magic of the nights. The night of San Juan in Tenerife is a truly surreal scene, with millions of bonfires lighting up the beaches.

The Night of San Juan in Tenerife

San Juan’s night is celebrated in June, all over the beaches of Tenerife. The theme of the night of San Juan focuses on the changesfire and water, night and day. it’s said that the fire purifies and the water rejuvenates. Men and women, young people and children, all spend the night creating these bonfires.  

bonfire at beach night of San Juan in Tenerife

There are plenty of traditions, rituals and legends connected to the Night of San Juan. 

For example, after midnight, people wash their faces three times, after which they get three wishes and happiness for the whole following year.  

In Icod de los Vinos, people burn colourful wooden flags and stay up until the sunrise. In San Juan de la Rambla and Garachico, north of the island, the night of San Juan is celebrated with wonderful fireworks and fireballs, made from bags of sawdust.  

night of San Juan in Tenerife bonfire

8 Beliefs related to the night of San Juan in Tenerife

Here are some of the most popular beliefs related to the night of San Juan in Tenerife: 

  1. According to tradition, if a person bathes in the dew of the Night of San Juan, they will be protected the whole following year. 
  2. If a person lies next to the bonfire, with a guitar in their hands, they can learn how to play it immediately. 
  3. Who jumps in the sea naked and from the back, looking at the moon, will obtain certain gifts 
  4. Singles that start the day looking through the window, will see the love of their life. 
  5. Writing something that you want to forget on a paper and burning that paper, will bring you happiness. 
  6. A person that stays awake during the dawn, will not miss a single dream. 
  7. If a person jumps over a bonfire three times, they will be purified and all their problems will burn away. 
  8. All of these beliefs have a magical and supernatural aspects, everything seems to be under a magic veil. 

bonfire night of San Juan in Tenerife

But most importantly, this night of San Juan in Tenerife is about happiness, joy and freedom, and the rituals are there to purify and rejuvenate our souls. 

Make sure you spend the night of San Juan in Tenerife. Bring your friends, family and we will take care of the accommodation. Discover the magic Night of San Juan. Purify and enjoy.  

Written by Marija Jovic, for Ruraltenerife.

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